Coastal Properties on the East Coast



Belfast Oceanfront Home

Impressive, South-facing Views of Penobscot Bay
115 Feet of the “Best Walking Beach” in the Area!

This warm and welcoming 3-bedroom, oceanfront home offers impressive, south-facing views of Penobscot Bay and 115 feet of the “best walking beach” in the area!  Spacious kitchen with doors leading to a large deck and gazebo, wood-burning fireplace, big studio and/or family room and a 3-car garage. Located just 5 minutes from the coastal city of Belfast.

After being on the market for two years, Jim Carrey has finally sold his Malibu home in Hermosa Beach for $13.4 million. Originally priced at 19.5 million, the home features three bedrooms and four baths and is considered smaller than the typical celebrity home at 2,866 feet.

Large glass windows surround the house, allowing ocean views from multiple rooms. The exterior features multiple decks and patios, all of which conveniently face the Pacific Ocean.

Carrey originally bought the house in 2002 for $9.75 million.




Sarah and Ian Hart were determined to live by the ocean. But when they found a spectacular waterfront lot perched atop a 72-foot bluff in Marblehead, MA, it had an obvious flaw: the house that had stood there since the 1950s.

“We fell for a beautiful piece of land and knew that this was the spot,” says Sarah. “But the house was uninspiring, in need of repair, and it was moldy. Then, we found out that it was also non-conforming because it was too close to the property line. This meant that any potential renovations would trigger municipal permitting issues.”

The solution was clear: Tear down the house and build a structure that would conform to zoning regulations. This also provided the couple with the opportunity to indulge in their personal preferences.

“Ian left the major design decisions to me. I knew I wanted a Shingle-style house, and I wanted it to be light and airy,” says Sarah. “Originally, I am from Vermont, and I am enamored of that state’s native stone, so this was also a chance to incorporate a lot of stone work.”



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